Celebrity Smiles are everywhere!

We recently stumbled upon an article from the New York Times (2005) that we’ve been talking about ever since… Did you know that people can order and buy snap-on “smiles” that replicate the teeth of a favorite celebrity?! Of course, we here at Hallmark Orthodontics are in the business of creating healthy, beautiful smiles with our patients’ own teeth, which we think is definitely the way to go!

Apparently, the folks at Manhattan Dental Arts will fit a patient for a new snap-on set of teeth, which slide on over their real teeth. Patients can choose from enhancing their own teeth, or pick a celebrity’s smile to snap on over their own. Some of their patients have asked for Cameron Diaz or Halle Barry’s pearly whites, for example.

They claim that these fake chompers don’t cause permanent damage to real teeth, and that you can still chow down on foods like corn on the cob. These celebrity smiles will run you about $2000.

To each their own, but for our money, we’ll keep our real teeth and get them in tip-top shape before we snap on a pair of someone else’s!