What is the best age to be seen by an orthodontist?

Do I need a referral from my dentist to be seen for an initial consultation?

Do I still need to see my dentist while I am in orthodontic treatment?

What is the difference between and in-person consultation and a virtual consultation?

Can I have after school appointments?

Payment and Insurance

How much does orthodontic treatment cost?


How long does orthodontic treatment last?

What can I expect right after getting braces? Do braces hurt?

Am I able to be treated with Invisalign?

Why do orthodontists recommend extracting teeth for their treatment plan?

How do I take care of my retainer?


What types of orthodontic emergencies happen and how do I take care of them?


What is the difference between a Dentist and Orthodontist?

Can I whiten my teeth while I am wearing braces?

I am pregnant and want to begin treatment. Is this okay?

Will braces interfere with my extracurricular activities such as sports, instruments, or singing?

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