Drs. Hall and Raber have worked hard to build a team of individuals that join together to provide a personable, positive, and professional experience! We believe that each team member brings unique skills to our office. We are eager to join you in your smile straightening journey!

  • Karina Ovispo
    Karina Ovispo
    Director of Operations
  • Lori Sprinkle
    Lori Sprinkle
    Office Manager | Treatment Coordinator
  • Taylor Gonzalez
    Taylor Gonzalez
    Office Manager | Scheduling Coordinator
  • Brenda Vargas
    Brenda Vargas
    Scheduling Coordinator
  • Cinda Metzger
    Cinda Metzger
    Financial Coordinator
  • Christine Engle
    Christine Engle
    Financial Coordinator
  • Micah Hayes
    Micah Hayes
    Treatment Coordinator
  • Janna Williamson
    Janna Williamson
    Lead Lab Technician
  • Liz Johnson
    Liz Johnson
    Digital Lab Coordinator | Clinical Team
  • Makayla Stanley
    Makayla Stanley
    Clinical Lead | Clinical Team
  • Bayleigh Benjamin
    Bayleigh Benjamin
    Clinical Team
  • Lisa Branam
    Lisa Branam
    Clinical Team
  • Emily Kesterson
    Emily Kesterson
    Clinical Team
  • Zeinab Rajabi
    Zeinab Rajabi
    Clinical Team
  • Sarah Martin
    Sarah Martin
    Clinical Team
  • Drew Garcia
    Drew Garcia
    Clinical Team
  • Ashlyn Johnson
    Ashlyn Johnson
    Clinical Team

¡Hablamos Español!

We offer Spanish speaking assistance during visits as needed.

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