We couldn’t be happier to have Dr. Hall join Hallmark Orthodontics, and wanted to help you get to know her better by learning more about some of her favorite things. Check out the questions below and learn a little bit about why Dr. Hall chose to practice orthodontics, some of her favorite foods, and her hobbies!

Why did you choose orthodontics?

I chose orthodontics because it is such an exciting process to be involved with. I love the relationships that are created with the patients, as well as the positive changes that are made in their smiles.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Ft. Wayne but we moved to Indianapolis when I was 5. I loved growing up in Indy! The city keeps on growing and changing.

Do you have any pets?

I have a rescue mutt named Roxy. She is basically another member of our family.

What’s your husband’s name, and what does he do?

My husband’s name is Steve. He is the co-founder of Tinker Coffee Co. along with my brother-in-law Jeff. They are a specialty roaster in downtown Indianapolis and they even offer cupping classes! Feel free to stop by or check them out online.

What’s your favorite color?

Navy Blue

What’s your favorite food?

Seafood or Mexican

Favorite animal?

Dogs…I love everything about them!

Favorite season?

Summer because there’s nothing better than spending time outdoors. I do, however, have a big soft spot for anything related to tailgating season.

Favorite sport?

To watch – football. To play- run or swim.

Favorite sports team?

The Purdue Boilermakers (Boiler Up!)

What are your hobbies?

I love running, going to concerts, and spending time with my family. I am lucky that they all live in Indianapolis so we spend a lot of time enjoying everything our city has to offer from restaurants to events.

What did you do for the 4th of July?

The Rolling Stones were in town – what a great show!

What’s your favorite holiday?

Christmas comes with a lot of tradition for my family. We spend the entire day celebrating from morning through the evening. There’s always an annual scavenger hunt which ends in a lot of laughing and running around the house in confusion.

What was your favorite vacation?

This is a tough one. We have had some great family trips but one of the best was Key West. Our family rented a house together and had the best time. The memories are endless.

Did you have braces?

I did! I had them as a resident (which means I was an adult). I am very grateful that I had them. I know they aren’t easy but they completely changed my smile.

What do you want patients to know about orthodontics when they come in for the initial consultation?

Orthodontics is fun! You may be worried about how they will feel or look but we will review all of your options so that you are as comfortable as possible. In the end, orthodontics is for you and we want you to be happy.