Halloween is full of tricks, treats, and lots of something sweets!  All of this can be difficult for your braces and teeth so follow some of our guidelines for a fun (and braces friendly) Halloween.

Choose Braces Friendly Treats

Trade in those hard and sticky candies for something soft and nut-free.  Good choices include soft chocolates (Reese’s, 3 Musketeers, Kit Kats), cookies (Oreos), or fall drinks (floats, ciders).  Try to avoid sticky, chewy and crunchy candies such as caramels, popcorn, candy apples, and nuts.

Brush & Floss

Keep up your great dental hygiene habits.  After exposing your teeth to sugar it is important you brush and rinse around all of your brackets and wires!

Be aware of Broken Appliances

If you do happen to run into a tricky snack be sure to contact our office and let us know.  We can typically get you back on track quickly the sooner we are made aware of a problem.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!