We’ve been MIA for a week or so while our office was closed for vacation. That reminded us to remind all of our awesome patients about some vacation rules for braces care and wear!

It’s never fun to pack for vacation, but packing a few orthodontic essentials can really help while you’re on the road. Here are a few must-haves if you have braces:

* Toothbrush and toothpaste (this is always a must, braces or not!)

* A new pack of proxy brushes or the fuzzy GUM pick things that get under wires and clean around the brackets (and get food out of tight places!)

* A box of orthodontic wax in case something breaks or a wire starts to poke (let us know if you need some)

* A pair of nail clippers in case a wire pops out and Dr. Williams tells you to clip the wire on your own (call us first!)

* Floss (we love SuperFloss for flossing with braces or permanent retainers)

* A travel toothbrush and bottle of mouthwash for on-the-go cleaning

* Any rubber bands that Dr. Williams has ordered. Think about taking two packs and putting them in separate places, in case you misplace one pack. Put one in your carry-on and one in your packed luggage, or have someone else put a pack in their purse or briefcase for you.

There’s really nothing different about what you can eat on vacation, but while you’re gone, you particularly don’t want to pop off a bracket. So, be sure to avoid hard stuff like nuts, corn-on-the-cob (cut it off first), fruits not cut into wedges, and popcorn. Sometimes we decide to indulge a bit while on vacation, and “cheats” like a handful of caramel corn or chocolate covered almonds can really put a damper on vacation!

Most of all, have a great time, and tell us all about it when you return!